Original Sinner Reviews

LOU CHRISTIE ORIGINAL SINNER THE VERY BEST OF THE MGM RECORDINGS http:..www.rpmrecords.co.uk   Italian doo wop, sex, surf and Spector mingle in LOU CHRISTIE'S slice-of-teenage-life dramas - and he almost always slips into his trademark falsetto for the choruses. It's a hell of a voice and there's a whole bunch of it on ORIGINAL SINNER (RPM), including the big hit. Great fun. ~Jim Irwin, MOJO


If LOU CHRISTIE wrote a bad song, you wouldn't know it from ORIGINAL SINNER and EGYPTIAN SHUMBA, RPM Records' tribute to the high-voiced Italian-American dynamo.  The selections of hits and misses all lead to the same conclusion; LOU CHRISTIE was a twenty-four carat genius, a pop writer and artist whose refusal to play by the rules (pop, gender relationships - he broke 'em all) always resulted in something extraordinary. ~Shelia Burgel, Cha Cha Charming  


Suggesting nothing less than a mad Motown maverick spiking his fans with toxic doo-wop, CHRSTIE upped the ante on the decadent BABY, WE GOT TO RUN AWAY and RHAPSODY IN THE RAIN. A sequence of songs produced by Jack Nitzsche, simply add to CHRISTIE'S genius....this is thrilling pop music on every level. ~Max Bell, UNCUT



LOU'S music can also be heard on retrospective collections be Klaus Nomi (The Nomi Song) and Jack Nitzsche (Hearing Is Believing: The Jack Nitzsche Story 1962-1979).






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